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RISING is music, art and culture, under moonlight in the heart of Naarm (Melbourne).

With Melbourne as its stage, RISING is an annual festival that spills out onto the city streets, car parks, churches, town square and beloved venues.

It’s a break from business as usual. A chance to connect as a city and with the ambitious artists who bring bold ideas that speak to this time and place.

It’s a festival you do, in a city that does it best.

And it’s back in June 2024

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Q. What is RISING?

A. RISING is Victoria's flagship festival of music, food, art and culture, under moonlight. A microcosm of Australia’s creative capital here and now.

Q. When is the next RISING?

A. RISING returns on the first day of winter—01 June 2024.

Q. I’m not sure if RISING is for me. What kind of events will be in the program?

A. RISING is for everyone. From visual art, installations, performance and live music to unique food events, we’ll have all kinds of experiences for you to enjoy whatever you’re into.

Q. Who is curating the festival?

A. Hannah Fox and Gideon Obarzanek are RISING’s co-Artistic Directors and Co-CEOs. They lead a diverse team of national and international arts professionals in programming the festival including Senior Curators Kimberley Moulton and Grace Herbert, Head of Music Hayley Percy and Melbourne Art Trams Curator Jarra Karalinar Steel.

Q. How is the festival funded?

A. RISING is funded by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and Visit Victoria.

We also receive support through City of Melbourne and the Australian Government, as well as a range of sponsors and donors.

Q. I would like to volunteer, intern or work for RISING. How do I apply?

A. Thank you for your interest! We advertise employment opportunities on our Jobs page and will be advertising any volunteering opportunities on our social channels (follow us Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and via email (subscribe here).

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